about me

My passion for photography stems from my long-term career in creative
design. For years, I’ve used other people’s photography in my work developing
and designing books, magazines, newspapers and other media content while also helping small businesses with their branding and identity. I’ve also styled various
food and fashion photo shoots through my career and stood behind many talented photographers, providing them with art direction on collaborative creative projects.

When I started to look more seriously through the photographic lens some years back, I realised a whole new world of creativity and inspiration. A giddy excitement washes over me when I’m behind the lens and capture just that right shot. Textures emerge and colours spring to life under the right lighting. Beauty appears out of
the simplest things – things that many people would overlook in our busy world of hustle bustle. For me, capturing the right shot is like being in love for the first time.
It’s overwhelming joy. It’s happiness. It’s excitement and nervousness all wrapped
up in one.

This website is the culmination of my greatest, most memorable experiences behind the lens. I look forward to sharing even more new love with you.